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Membership Rates

Friend Membership

  • £10 Single/£15 Joint

For general Society membership, drinkers and non-welsh producers.  You will receive four copies of The Panker per year, including bulletins and info about the Society's activities and events.

Producer Membership (Wales Only)

  • Hobby Producer (up to 500 litres per annum) - £20 Single/£30 Joint
  • Commercial Producer (over 500 litres per annum) - £50 Single/£75 Joint

Cidermaker's Membership is for Welsh cider producers, as well as receiving 'The Panker', you will gain access to  a vast source of information such as suppliers, equipment, grants, and expertise from WPCS staff and Mentors.

Associate Membership

  • £50       (Open to businesses and groups that have products/information that would be beneficial to those interested in Welsh Cider & Perry production/consumption.)

Associate members will receive links to their own sites via the WPCS website also social media shares and links. We will also be able to hand out promotional information when attending/holding events .

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Find out more about how the WPCS came about, what we do as a Society, and what are plans are for the coming year. Why not get involved.

Keep an eye on the events list for a cider or perry event near you that will have a selection of craft Welsh products.

Planning for the next festival is just about to begin. If you would like to be part of the committee or could spare some time as a volunteer across the festival weekend, do get in touch.