How d'you like them apples? Moss Cider Project share fruits of labour for Manchester Food & Drink Festival

Article from Mancunian Matters.

The guerrilla cider makers of the Moss Cider Project are sharing the fruits of their labour with the public by hosting a Cider and Cheese evening as part of Manchester's Food and Drink Festival.

At the event, held at Common in the Northern Quarter on September 25, guests will be able to sample a wide range of local and traditional ciders, made using apples sourced from all around Greater Manchester.

Dan Hasler, one of the founders of the project, said: "It's wonderful to see all our hard work come to fruition.

"It's great to see Moss Side come together around our project. That's the real joy we get from it, and I can't stress that enough."

Initially set up as a community project to make use of the unused land by the Princess Road bus depot, Moss cider has now branched out to Hulme, where they've produced 100litres of apple juice and cider this year.

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Dan said: "Each batch is unique. We know where all our apples come from and who brought them."

The project is always looking for contributions from the public and encourages everyone to get out there and find the disused apple trees that are surprisingly easy to come by.

Some of Dan's favourite 'scrumping' spots include the Fallowfield loop and Southern Cemetery.

"I would encourage everyone to give it a go," he added. "The demand has even out-grown our supply, so we're always on the lookout for more apples."

Individuals are also rewarded for their donations. Every person who brings down some apples for the project will receive a quarter of the weight of the apples back, but turned into either cider or apple juice.

Money raised from the event, and other enterprises organised by the Moss cider project, goes back into the project and once they pay off their initial investment the surplus funds will help fund further community projects.

Building up local community projects has become a passion of Dan's, and his long term goal is to involve local businesses in the scheme and ultimately create jobs for people in the area.

He also stressed that anyone can brew their own cider.

"When we first started I had no idea about apples and how to make cider," Dan said. "Now it's like a dream come true."

A lot of thought has also gone into the selection of cheese on offer at the event, with groups coming down from Cheshire to offer an assortment of local cheeses from the area.

Last year's event sold out, and tickets for this year are £10 and can be purchased online here.

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