The Heritage of Orchards and Cider Making in Wales was a Heritage Lottery funded project which ran for just over two years from 2016-2018, led by the Welsh Perry & Cider Society.


Community Orchards

The project worked with 13 community groups across Wales to plant new - and regenerate old - orchards which include Welsh heritage cider apple and perry pear varieties, with a total of 926 trees planted. Volunteers from the community groups attended a variety of training sessions - including orchard maintenance and cider making - to gain the skills to allow them to continue to look after and make use of their orchards after the completion of the project. Each orchard was supplied with a management plan to help them manage their orchards, with a focus on maintaining or enhancing biodiversity. A guide was also created containing links to helpful documents, videos and websites - this can be downloaded below. The community groups also held a number of events including Apple Days and Wassails that have helped promote the orchards as part of community life and a source of local produce. 


                        Click the icon to download our free guide on cider making, orchard                                     maintenance and enhancing biodiversity within orchards.

Welsh Heritage Apples and Pears

Old unknown varieties of cider and perry trees were selected for DNA fingerprinting. This allowed us to gain genetic data and rule out any duplication of names/varieties. A selection of orchards containing all of the known Welsh cider & perry fruit trees was also monitored and reported on across the 2-year period for evidence of diseases, general tree health and cropping. Juice from the fruit was fermented in single variety trials for qualitative analysis - bringing this together in an online catalogue of 'Welsh Heritage Cider and Perry Fruit Varieties'.

Click here to download 'The Welsh Pomona of Heritage Cider Apples & Perry Pears'

Cliciwch yma i lawrlwytho ‘Pomona Cymru ar Dreftadaeth Afalau Seidr a Gellyg Perai‘.

The Modern Story of Cider Making in Wales

Capturing the stories that go with the heritage of orcharding and cider making in Wales, this element of the project was delivered by the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling at the University of South Wales (Cardiff). to find out more about the team and the work they have done click the link below

To look at and listen to the stories click here

Read our project associate blog here

Communities, businesses and individuals were interviewed and the stories recorded and presented online and, where relevant, stored in local and national archives such as People's Collection Wales and St Fagans Museum.

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