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New Welsh fruit rediscovered !














The 'Welsh Druid' apple will now be added to our Heritage Welsh apple list after a chance rediscovery in Charles Martell's  book 'Native Apples of Gloucestershire' where it states the Welsh Druid apple was found on a mountain nr Chepstow. 

Project Manager Jayne then proceeded to hunt down this elusive tree and found it in only one place,  Welsh Mountain Cider's extensive apple tree collection owned by Bill Bleasdale and Chava Richman.













Another perry pear will be added called 'Betty Prosser' originally from Monmouth. This was found to be held by Jim Chapman in the National Perry Pear Centre, Harpbury. 

Our partners at the University of South Wales have been busy creating more digital stories 
Take a look at them by clicking the links below.
Glyn Smith Head Gardener at Erddig Hall National Trust describes the process of planting a museum orchard & their apple display
Andy Hallett & Andy Wilson of Hallets Cider talk us through autumn 2017
Nia Siggins & Sophie Jenkins of The People’s Orchard St Dogmaels tell us about the project’s aims and objectives

The community orchards are busy planting their heritage trees.
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