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Bodger Cider

Created with care and lots of time, our cider is matured in oak barrels for at least twelve months before it goes on sale. Any cider thats older than a year is known as vintage cider.
Cider making is very much a labour of love. We love making it and we love drinking it too.


Dee Ciders

Our goal is to produce the highest quality pure juice cider and perry possible. Several years of hard work has been needed to bring both abandoned orchards and newly planted ones to life.


We believe that a cider and perry from a North Wales producer should be made from the fruit of that region. Picked and processed by hand with care at every stage of the process to ensure our products are the best they can be.


All of our cider and perry is made from pure juice, no water or concentrates are added. This results in slight variations from year to year as no two summers are the same.This is how we like it.



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Our craft ciders are made from a wide variety of apples hand-picked from all over the Isle of Anglesey. Our goal was to make use of all the apples and pears that would have otherwise gone to waste. With careful blending we are able to produce a range of craft ciders with a unique taste. Each year the ciders will vary slightly depending on the fruit we harvest in the Autumn. All of the cider is traditionally made using a hand-made wooden press.



Pant Du

Pant Du Cider is pressed from traditional cider apples and Welsh variety apples. The result is a pure craft cider, fresh and fruity, full of apply taste. This lightly sparkling cider is a gorgeous golden colour with citrusy honey notes. Smooth on the palate and easy to drink.



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