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Gethin's Cyder

Unlike many commercial cider makers, we believe the best ciders are made from the juice, the whole juice and nothing but the juice, so that’s why our products contain no added water, artificial sweeteners, colours or flavourings. 

We think that this fact along with the use of unique Pembrokeshire apple varieties has led us to a string of national awards over the years.  We don’t have an eyesore of a factory, but a modest cyder barn in the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside.

Email  geth@gethinscyder.co.uk

Web   http://www.gethinscyder.co.uk/

Pembrokeshire Cider Company

A new cider company based in Pembroke.

Pontymeddyg Seidr

Traditional hand-made whole juice cider, pressed by the sea in Pembrokeshire.

We collect many of our apples locally, including specific Pembrokeshire varieties and also venture far afield for high quality fruit. 

We have won awards for all our ciders and perry over the years at the Welsh National Championships, and even won the 2017 CAMRA London Amateur Cider Maker of the Year award for our cider made entirely from apples collected in Greater London.

Email  pontymeddyg@hotmail.com

Web    http://www.pontymeddyg.co.uk


This special cider is made using the traditional method of Keeving, where the taste of apple is preserved in a tasty sweet Cider, which is light and fairly low in alcohol (between 3 a 4%). This method is used in Brittany to make 'Cidre Bouché', and although it was popular in Britain until about a century ago, by today it has almost died out. However, it has recently experienced a resurgence here, and Seidr y Mynydd is at the forefront. 

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