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Little Jenny Wren 12 X 500ml

Little Jenny Wren 12 X 500ml

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Little Jenny Wren has a bold brassy amber colour. This medium sparkling cyder that would sit well in any Normandy café. Tarte tatin and apple strudel pudding flavours leap out of the glass. Rich bittersweet apple characteristics shine through with gentle clove spice and celeriac bitterness. The addition of a keeved batch of cyder to the blend gives it golden syrup sweetness which makes the whole bottle hum a little louder. Made from hand picked apples from an unsprayed orchard in Powys. Little Jenny Wren decided to fly into our 4 x 4 and leave a message on the seat causing much amusement. Having let her go we decided all cyder from the orchard should pay homage to her visit. Enjoy this cider slightly chilled or at room temperature with strong cheddar or antipasto.

  • 12 X 500ml

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