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Rubber Chicken

Rubber Chicken

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Rubber Chicken is another personal favourite of mine. It is an eclectic mix of more than 15 different cyder apple varieties. A slightly hazy medium cyder with bags of tannin but also fresh fruity notes. In 2012 a dry version of Rubber Chicken won First Prize at The Royal Bath and West Show in the Dry Farmhouse class and was voted Reserve Champion of the show by the panel judges. One cold quiet Sunday morning I was picking apples in a Herefordshire orchard. The only sound I could hear was the hum of a tractor in the distance and the birds in the trees. I knelt down to pick more fruit and suddenly heard an almighty squawk. I jumped up startled and instinctively looked up. Nothing? I knelt down again and another squawk? It was then I noticed down in the long grass was a dog’s chewy toy in the shape of a Chicken. I hung the squeaky toy up in the tree and ever since the fruit from this orchard goes into Rubber Chicken.

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