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Ruperra - Medium Sparkling Perry 12 X 500ml

Ruperra - Medium Sparkling Perry 12 X 500ml

VAT Included |

Ruperra (pronounced Roo Pear rah) is a perry made from hand-picked pears from unsprayed ancient Welsh orchards. Using only our finest Betty Prosser, Blakeney Red, Thorn, Oldfield, Brandy and Winnalls Longdon Pears; subtly blended to create an easy drinking medium sparkling perry. Pear drop and floral aromas make way for Honey Dew Melon flavours with caramel and citrus flavours. Locals say the word Ruperra comes from the Welsh for rhiw meaning hill and perai, meaning pear. Perry Hill seemed a great name for this exquisite drink. Chosen by Gabe Cook, the Ciderologist to be the only perry to be featured as part of the online tasting session to promote his new book ‘Modern British Cider’. Enjoy this perry chilled with caramel waffles.

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